The Living Living Room brings an ordinary domestic scene to life... literally!
Upcycling at its most creative

This public art piece features two floral armchairs adapted to house custom made vertical gardens. Paired with a vintage TV sprouting abundant herbs and veggies, The Living Living Room is a comfortable, functional green oasis!



The Living Living Room was a popular feature at many events in and around Melbourne. The functional furniture proved a hit with both parents and children, and the comfy chairs are a welcome break for tired legs.

As a temporary feature, it's was great for large expos and events, smaller local council community festivals, sustainability festivals, music festivals, parties and weddings.


The Living Living Room was tailored to specific events by varying plant choices and colour schemes. It was also adaptable for both indoors or outdoors and suited a wide range of spaces. 

Permanent interactive art
The Living Living Room is also available for purchase. Made to order, it can be fully customised to your needs. Minimum maintenance is required as it's fitted with automised irrigation and lighting, to ensure optimum long term plant performance. We can even breathe life back into your favourite piece of furniture by converting your old couch into a garden.

As a permanent installation, The Living Living Room is suitable for schools, public spaces, aged care facilities, hospitals, public and private gardens, rooftop bars, cafes, restaurants - the possibilities are endless!

Please contact us for further details or to arrange a quote.

Costa Georgiadis
Costa Georgiadis