An attractive, affordable vertical solution to growing a garden in a small space.
Australian Grown

These vertical gardens are made from beautiful Australian grown bamboo, treated with a special coating to protect it from UV damage, fungal and insect attack (available in natural black or light brown). The top planter is fitted with irrigation and drainage holes in the base of the planters enable water to trickle down to consecutive levels. 

Long Lasting

The planters are made from Australian made, recyclable, UV stabilised, long lasting plastic canvas, that doesn't leach chemicals into the soil, making it safe for growing food (no PVC, BPA or Phthalates - certified by Green Guard and Oeko-Tex).  The decorative outer fabric cover is made from up-cycled hessian coffee bags, and other fabrics can be selected to suit your aesthetic.


Our vertical gardens can be attached to an overhead beam, a wall or fence. The frame carries the load of the soil so there is no weight load on your supporting structure. This unique design can be used as a full height, double sided green wall - much more versatile than other green wall designs. 

Made to order

Our Bamboo Vertical Gardens are made to order and are great for outdoor living areas, where soft screening allows light and air to filter through the foliage. Please get in touch to discuss how this product can breathe life into your living space.