Garden Design,



Discover the joy of gardening! 

Instead of going to the gym, get into the garden instead - no membership fees and much more rewarding!

I focus on designing beautiful, interesting gardens that you can grow and care for yourself. Our gardens are designed for every season, so there’ll always be something new to brighten your day.


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How I'm different


My vision is to empower you to develop something that holds special memories for now and into the future. I’ll work with you to design a garden that suits you and your available time and energy. 


We can develop a strategy that suits you, all within your chosen level of engagement. These include;


  • guiding you along the way, to grow and build the garden yourself 

  • facilitating a working bee with your friends and family 

  • project manage trades to complete the works


I'll guide you on how to maintain your garden or if you’re running short on time, I can arrange for seasonal maintenance as required.

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Creating beneficial gardens

At CommuniTree we focus on creating gardens that are beneficial in a number of ways: 

  • Biodiversity (plants and soil for animals and insects), 

  • Human health (mental and physical), 

  • Environmental health (organic/chemical free, climate change mitigation, soil health,  careful water use, recycled or sustainable materials) 

  • Productivity (growing food!) 


My strong design skills and plant knowledge mean we can combine all of the above while still creating beautiful gardens. As your garden grows you’ll love watching birds and bugs enjoy the space as much as you!

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For an annual fee, I offer ongoing support for your gardening journey. Depending on our arrangement, I’ll mentor you via phone message or in-person visits.

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I’m equally available if you don’t need help with the design of your garden, but would like some advice and direction. Some questions you may have include, but aren’t limited to; 

  • which plants will thrive in certain locations

  • why some plants aren’t doing well

  • how to improve your soil


We offer 1 hour consultations for $110, though please note additional fees may apply for travel and/or soil testing.



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